Open Letter of Invitation Sent out to Governor and Virginia State Legislators

We have invited Governor Terry McAuliffe and the Virginia State Legislators to the Richmond People’s Climate March with the following Open Letter:

When: Monday February 23, 2015 at 7am (sunrise)
Where: Virginia State Capitol Grounds (home of General Assembly and Governors Mansion)
What: Richmond People’s Climate March and Call to Prayer

In the spirit of Love, Justice, and stewardship of our Earth, Richmond People’s Climate March are calling for our representatives to join us on Monday February 23 at 7am at the Virginia Capitol to sound the alarm on climate change and pray for the wisdom of our elected officials as they finalize legislation during the 2015 session of the General Assembly.

In response to the growing global movement for climate and environmental justice, we must empower each other to create the changes we need. We will join arms and form a prayer circle as we ask for action by the Virginia State Legislature and Governor Terry McAuliffe and ask them to reverse their support of projects detrimental to our most vulnerable populations and our future generations.

We are asking the Governor and Legislators to join us in the prayer against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and other pipelines bringing fracked natural gas through our state, the pending approvals on fracking in Virginia and the new proposals for offshore drilling on our beautiful coast.  They will have to choose to either stand with us or against us in this fight. This is the moral challenge of our generation and we ask you as our spokespersons in government to join us to turn the tide for Virginia. This will be a breathtaking ceremony during the sunrise featuring multicultural music, ceremonies and dance. For more information contact

Event Link:


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