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Contact: Shantae Taylor

(804) 728 0715

 Twitter: @No_ACP

Richmond People’s Climate March “Sounds the Alarm” on Climate Change in the Commonwealth and Announces Call to Prayer for Climate Stewardship


In the spirit of Love, Justice, and stewardship of our Earth, Richmond People’s Climate March are calling for leaders of local faith communities to converge on Monday February 23 at 7am at the Virginia Capitol to “Sound the Alarm” on climate change and pray for the wisdom of elected officials as they finalize legislation during the 2015 session of the General Assembly. A multi-cultural, inter-faith demonstration at sunrise will mark the beginning of the rally as legislators arrive to work. The people will greet legislators and ask them to spare a few solemn moments in prayer for a sustainable future.  With the help of indigenous tribal drum circle War Paint, the group will then Sound the Alarm on climate change in the commonwealth for our legislators and our Governor, signaling that Virginia is awake and watching in 2015.


At a time when the world’s leading scientists have repeatedly suggested phasing out fossil fuels within the next 15 years in order to mitigate rising sea levels and other effects of climate change, Virginia is doing less than the bare minimum to move toward a sustainable future. With Dominion’s political influence at an all-time high, Virginia communities from the coasts to the mountain valleys are taking the brunt of Dominion’s greed and inaction.  The Atlantic Coast Pipeline will tear through generations of family homes and history, will increase the likelihood of soil and water contamination, gas explosions, and will accelerate greenhouse gas emissions. Likewise, coastal communities in Norfolk, Virginia Beach, and the Eastern Shore are second only to Louisiana in vulnerability to sea level rise, and now may face the additional threat of offshore oil and gas drilling.


Resistance to fossil fuel infrastructure continues to build across North America, from opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline in the Midwest to the taking of Canadian indigenous land for tar sands extraction. It’s time to take action and connect the issues of racial, environmental and economic justice here in Virginia as well. The humanitarian crises that resulted from Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy demonstrate how the effects of climate change disproportionately impact people of color and those of low economic status, especially as they intersect with continued racial injustice. People of conscience can not allow the burial sites of enslaved Africans in Nelson County to be dug up for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline nor let it pass over historic Indigenous burial mounds of this region. Further colonization and destruction of sacred land for the sake of corporate profit cannot be allowed. All Virginians have a chance to stand in solidarity with their Indigenous brothers and sisters in resistance of further fossil fuel devastation and demand a more equitable, sustainable world in its place.


In September 2014, 400,000 people marched in New York City, carrying with them a wave of momentum that continues to this day. 2015 is poised to be the year that the people power changes the conversation on climate chaos. In response to the growing global movement for environmental justice, the Richmond People’s Climate March will use this momentum to sound the alarm on climate change in the commonwealth and turn the tide toward a sustainable future for Virginia.



For more details search for “Richmond People’s Climate March” on Facebook, email: or call us at (804) 728 0715.

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Twitter: @NoACP


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